Reviewing process

Upon receiving a paper, performing initial checkouts, and adjusting it to the journal requirements and publishing codes, it goes through the process of scientific and content scrutiny.

  • Reviewers, foreign or domestic, are selected based on the article’s field of research and expertise as well as the editor-in-chief’s opinion.
  • Reviewers cooperate with the editor-in-chief and other editorial board members in investigating and analyzing the scientific content of a paper as well as enhancing its quality based on scientifically valid opinions.
  • After reviewing a paper, the selected reviewer expresses his/her readiness online to either agree or disagree to review a paper (due to lack of relevant expertise, irrelevant department of expertise, shortage of time, etc.)
  • In case of disagreement, the reviewer is expected to help the editorial board members find a suitable reviewer.
  • In case of agreement, the reviewer presents his specialized opinions and revisions based on scientifical findings in an unbiased manner and report the results in due time to the journal.
  • Reviewers are required to observe trustworthiness and confidentiality; to ensure this, the journal handles all the necessary contacts with the authors directly.

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