Determination of moisture absorption isotherms and heat curves of pure wheat flour absorb Ayzvastryk


Drying behavior of materials in the study and design of industrial drying Knhay one of the parameters necessary to attract and repel curves are isotherms. Curves indicates the relationship between moisture content and quilibrium relative humidity atmosphere surrounding material) Water Activities (are. Determine isotherms absorb moisture and repel static and dynamic system with two possible. As to achieve equilibrium conditions in the static system may Bhtvl days and even weeks lead. isotherms to determine the moisture absorption and excretion of a laboratory apparatus was designed and built the dynamic method. moisture absorption tests on the example of wheat flour in the machines and the three temperatures 25, 35 and 50 degrees Celsius, and various water activities were performed. order compliance test data obtained from the absorption process, absorption models BET, GAB, Azvyn, Smith, Noble Iglesias, Chang fast, Halsy and Henderson were used. models of GAB, Henderson Chang fast and corresponded well with experimental data. net amount of heat absorbed Ayzvastryk using model isotherms Henderson and relations Klasyvs Klapyrvn in different moisture contents were obtained. This increases the amount of moisture content 0.02 to 0.20) kg water kg dry solid (33.34 value to 2.98) J mol kg (decreased.