Optimal conditions, enrichment of fructose from date palm wastes enzymatic method


Sugar syrups containing glucose and fructose concentration range of 60 to 80 grams per 100 ml by the enzyme lucose Isomerase in optimal conditions of temperature, pH and time of enriched fructose syrups sugar transformation. Glucose Isomerase enzyme Tsbytshdh performance liquid from the sugar palm sap, under certain conditions in batch system was reviewed and optimized. Of hydrolysis) hydrolysis (sucrose in palm sap, due to the low amount, was regardless. Hmparshdn process) Ayzvmryzasyvn (the temperature range $ 30-90 ^ { circ} C $ and the range pH8.5-6 in the batch system, for 30 min and temperature range of $ 50-60 ^ { circ} C $ as the optimal temperature range pH7.7-7 as the optimum pH was obtained.