Modeling of CO2 solubility in mixed solvents Myndar


Carbon dioxide gas separation processes in the refining gas main. In order to separate the gas from the gas stream plus most of the chemical absorption method is used by Lkanlamyn solvents. In this study, thermodynamic model, Gas solubility of carbon dioxide in aqueous mixtures of $ MEA $ and $ MDEA $ studied and model parameters are presented. This model to calculate short-range forces of the model $ UNIQUAC-NRF $ form a non-electrolyte model, and to calculate long-range model Pytzr Dbay Hvkl used. With the development of this model at different temperatures, the interaction parameters for mixed systems $ MDEA-MEA-H_ {2} OCO_ {2} $, respectively. The results of this model) compared with the model $ Li-Mather $ (has good accuracy.