Simulated spray drying powder detergent


Powder detergent for spray drying, hot air with a gas such as food drops Nahmsv contact form is given. During the call transfer torque phenomena, heat and mass basis is performed simultaneously. The simulation model for predicting the operational parameters, time Khshkshdn tower height and provide the desired effect of various parameters on the performance of spray dryer has been studied. For this purpose, mass and energy balance equations and the torque around a small element of the tower and for both gas and particle phase, was written, and the numbers and the dimensionless heat and mass transfer coefficients were calculated. Then write a suitable computer, application and integration of momentum equations and Mvaznhhay mass and energy, and finite difference method to solve system of equations and a mathematical model was presented. The model profiles via a descending trend for temperatures for the gas and particle temperatures were predicted. Moisture profiles of gas and the particles were evaluated for particle reduction process and the process for increasing the gas humidity was obtained. The results indicate that the radial velocity of particles Atmsaz output at a fraction of seconds to zero, and the axial particle velocity also reaches a fixed value. Effect of particle diameter Atmsaz output has also been investigated. For testing the model of the data using a detergent powder dryer tower and a good agreement between theoretical and experimental results is observed. These results can be simulated in optimizing existing units, changing their operating conditions, and also used in the design of new units.