-Turbidity removal and production of pomegranate juice with good transparency


Living in the industrial age to be changing now with the pattern Mlahzhyy different communities has been associated with food. The high volume of juice excellence of these products is consumer-friendly functions. There opacity Bmyvhsazy industries such as womens problems is considered and Research, Transparency juice is faced with the more fortunate. Fruits such as pomegranates that Iran can produce its high, but despite the high quality production of pomegranate, the fruit concentrate due to lack of attention to the Issue of Transparency in the economic cycle is not active. The first study examined the production of pomegranate juice was given and a complete chemical analysis of pomegranate juice was performed. Transparency also impact on the quality of the various methods tested, and the juice was evaluated. Effect of gelatin, Kyzlsl and pectinase enzymes on the properties of pomegranate juice were tested and the optimum amount of each of these factors to achieve transparency transparent, stable juice were determined.