Volume & Issue: Vol.19, No. 25, October 2003, Pages 1-140 
The Stone of chaotic systems and methods of its creation

Pages 21-28

Gholam Hossein Arjayy; Mohammad Momeni

Environmental programs for the production of formal Tvsyq

Pages 42-53

Hassan Miri Hussein Abadi; Arash Jalali


Pages 54-77

Mohammad Reza Meybodi; Hamid Beigi; M. Taher Khani

A new technique for space vector modulation in three-phase harmonic generator

Pages 78-85

Bdal Reza Maleki; Mohammad Reza Zolghadr; Seyed Javad Mahdavi

Systems for multi-user detection DS Kdma environment Mhvshvndh few Msyrh

Pages 86-92

Mahrokh Rich deserves; Masumeh side Nassiri; R. Backshi Damani